Where We’re From

More wonderful photos that I'd love on my walls. Years ago I had a wall covered in little framed photos and my recent online perusal gives me an urge to do this once again. But I think I might need many large walls.

The people behind The Ones We Love , have started Where We’re From. A complementary project featuring photos of the photographer's cities & homes- where they're from, places they feel strongly about, that they love, are comfortable in, etc.

Julia Galdo
b. 1981 | An atmospheric view of South Florida, USA

My favourites (again) all seem to be mysterious and atmospheric with moody lighting and unseen, disappearing people but there is also a great variety of styles on the site. With more added periodically.

Ian Aleksander Adams
b. 1986 | Savannah GA, US

Will Govus
b. 1991 | Ellli Way, GA, USA

Anelise De Carli
B. 1989 | Porto Alegre, Brazil


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