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David Bowie, more favorite videos, pictures and links

It's amazing to see such an outpouring of Bowie love everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.   It's also been a Bowie fest around here, so I'm posting some more links, pictures and videos.  A mix of favorites and good finds.
     David Bowie honored with his own constellation

     The Belgian radio station Studio Brussels and the MIRA public observatory have honoured Bowie by naming a constellation shaped like a lightning bolt after him. The creation of the constellation is part of the Stardust for Bowie tribute project, where fans can use Google Sky to add their favorite Bowie songs with a short note to a virtual version of the constellation.

There's also a petition out there to put him on the new British 20 pound note.

David Bowie and Alexander McQueen interview/conversation in  Dazed & Confused from 1996

"Bowie Is blowing our minds" made for the V&A exhibition Bowie Is.   My favorite parts showed pages with his songs written out by hand.  Love that. …

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