The Tissue Collection

Photos by Eelco Borremans

I just came across this dream clothing collection via flickr and a quick peak at the designer's blog shows that it is also in an exhibition this week in Italy.

The Tissue Collection by 1 of 1 Studio and C.E.B. Reas
Exhibited at C.STEM (at the Ex-Chiesa Metodista)
In Turin, Italy
19 to 27 September, 2008.

The event is conceived and curated by Associazione Culturale e di Ricerca NADA. It’s focused on creative potential of design using computers and digital means. Other exhibition participants include Ammar Eloueini, Ebru Kurbak and Mahir Yavuz, Adrian Bowyer, Nervous System, MOS, Marc Fornes, Fluid Forms, and Susanne Stauch. More information on the C.STEM website.

Each signed and numbered piece results from collaboration between a commissioned artist and fashion designer C.E.B. Reas . Also previously exhibited at the Concrete Image Store in the Netherlands. The photos above are from that super stylishly arranged show.

Tissue Image


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