I will have rings in the upcoming book '500 Wedding Rings'

I've just received my acceptance letter for '500 Wedding Rings' and I'm quite pleased- needless to say! It is published by Lark Books and will be released in spring of 2008. I haven't seen it yet but have seen most of the other books in the 500 Series and the print quality has been wonderful. So it is extra nice!
'500 Wedding Rings' on Amazon.com

Below is the image that will be included in the book.

pair of rings, 'I've loved you since the moment I met you' and 'I want to be your wife Always' (2006)
From the 'Like Wearing a Love Letter' Series
Materials- Polycarbonate, resin, thread, archival ink
Hand fabricated: hand written and sewn

A few more photos can be seen here ColleenBaran.com

In the ‘Like Wearing a Love Letter’ series I wanted to make jewellery that was like a love letter. Like wearing a daydream, a memory or a thought of love. Pieces are formed of collections of small phrases and words that layer to build narratives. Little stories of love that are: sincere, ironic, deep, passionate, conflicted, uncertain, comfortable, simple, adoring, platonic and complicated.

Made of milky polycarbonate and clear Mylar they are cloudy dreamy forms like thoughts from the air; possibly a permanent record of a fleeting thought, a declaration of a permanent bond or an artifact of a love no more. Work in this series is constructed from hand written and carved words on plastic petals and strips which are sewn and crocheted into layered, cloudy and fluttery forms.

I will be working on new ideas from this series over the next while. Updates to come! One of my favourites includes a pendant made of over 50 petals.


breezily said…
Congratulations! That's exciting news.
Matt said…
that sounds fantastic! ...and reminds me, I still have to find a copy of the last book you were in...

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