Sweet little thoughts saved in a jar

A sweet post on Inchmark. Inspired by Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking she's been writing down sweet and funny moments from her day, funny things her child said, and saving them in a jar.

The one above was my favourite. He got big by eating lots! Yes, that is cute.

On Inchmark she says-
"The jar is filling up quickly, and when I'm having a below average day, I reach in and pull out a quote.. and suddenly I'm laughing and running to hug my little comedians."

I've also been doing something a little similar. I've been saving sweet emails and notes that people have given me with a similar intention- mainly just in a file in my inbox but it's nice to have. I remember a friend said something particularly nice and I thought 'I wish I could save this moment', so after that I did. Started saving those nice little moments whenever they were sent in letters.

Found via simple lovely.


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