Greatness by Rebecca Turbow

Safe by Rebecca Turbow Spring/Summer 2008

More YouTube! Watch her model the new Spring/Summer 2008 collection on YouTube- via a sped up video changing from one to the other to the other. Quite impressively, for a someone changing dozens of times, it manages to be rather modest. A skill developed by most professional models (and people who frequently change at the beach).

Watch Rebecca Turbow'sSpring/Summer 2008 collection on YouTube. Quite impressively, for somebody changing dozens of times it manages to be rather modest.

The clothing is charming, as ever, and very signature. Mod & modern, classical & clever, the clothes are (for the most part) super for everyday wear while remaining definitely individual. I want the lovely grey petal skirt but I utterly adore the grey jacket at the end. The stitching details make me swoon and I could wear it daily.

** found via (the ever lovely) DesignSponge's Guestblog by Mateo Ilasco.


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