Ceiling Birds, Butterflies and Chandeliers

I came across this Ceiling Bird on a newly discovered blog, This Is Glamorous, and was immediately enchanted by the dreamy and somewhat surreal image.

It is from the home of Parisians Colette & Pierre as featured on Apartment Therapy.

Upon visiting the Ch√Ęteau d'O in Normandy, Colette spied a flock of birds on the ceiling that appeared to be holding up the crystal chandeliers.

She rushed home to commission an artist friend to recreate this effect with a crystal chandelier in her her top-floor dining room. It's the first thing seen as one climbs the stairs.

She uses birds elsewhere in the house as well, including this elegant & plucky little feathered one perched on a wall in a sitting room.

The plaque-like perch is a nice touch.

Also found via This Is Glamorous was this silver-leafed ceiling with silk butterflies by Candace Barnes.

Artfully arranged they do look like they're fluttering and flying about the ceiling.

First photographed by Leah at More Ways to Waste Time when she attended a press preview for the 2008 San Francisco Decorator Showcase.


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