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Ring a Day 365/365

Behind on here- but plenty on Flickr

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Project Runway Now Casting Season 8- april 22nd!

Ring a Day- 35/365, 36/365, 40/365

Ring a Day- 29/365, cranberries- like shiny edible clustered garnets

Ring House, designed by TNA Architects

Ring a Day 27, 28 more flesh tones and Beauty products

Multiple finger rings for a sunny dispposition.

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival- Ring A Day favourites

Ring A Day- 24, 25, 26, skin toned rings

Ring A Day- 21, 22, 23

Ring A Day- 19

Votes would make my day!

Birds made of buttons by Ran Kwang

Ring a Day- 17/365 and 18/365

Kirtsy Takes a Bow

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