The Ring Shows at the Georgia Museum of Art (Part 2)

And Here is Part Two to my post on The Ring Shows: 'Then & Now' and 'Putting the Band Back Together' at the Georgia Museum of Art in Georgia, US.

As I said, I have too many favourites to pick just a couple, so I've picked a couple dozen. Click on each image for a larger view. See the rest on flickr or in person.

Flora - Rings made of and from nature.
Textural, soft and with a water can for tending to, a garden ring by Brandon Holschuh

More contained nature by Sarah Hood

Yael Krakowski, who (like me) is from BC in Canada.

Nora Rochel

Multiple finger rings!

Jillian Moore

Kate Bauman

Courtney Poole

Chris Weston

Alternative Materials
James Thurman

A textural ring made of layered paper. As mentioned in the previous post, this artist will also be giving a workshop during the exhibiton.

Jamie Jo Fisher

Ted Noten,
I've long,
long been
a fan of

Lisa Medlen,
a lava-like volcano with pink inside. Visit her website to see her 'Shadow' jewelry.

Vickie Sedman

Oxidised Textures and Detail

Allyson Bone

Nikki Nation

An anvil and saw blades and an envelopes. Materials used everyday (for jewellers at least).

Rings of saw blades! (though I can't saw for sure, they apear to).
Sergey Jivetin, I always admire the design combined with the (beyond) impecable technical skill that his works exhibits. See more on his website.

Marlene True
An anvil!

Sarah Jane Airgood
This made me smile
when I saw it.

I hope that there
were postal people
who tried it on
while enroute.

I think was was my longest post yet, I may come back to see if I can find links for the link-less.


Matte said…
love the look of the oxidized surfaces

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