Built by Wendy Interview on Etsy

Thought I'd pass on a 'Built by Wendy' interview on the 'Storque'.

Very modest, she talks about first discovering sewing and her early ventures. Buying fabric with $400 won gambling and spending the summer sewing. Selling dresses on her front lawn for $30!

She also talks about starting years ago and how different it is from now. I've found this as well. With the internet the world is all accessible, close and searchable. A few years ago nearly all of my supplies were bought from local shops (bought in person) and 90% of my sales were Canadian.

And, incidentally, she has a 50% off sale on her website. And it's going fast, nothing I wanted was in my size. Love the 'You Are Special Tank' (on sale for $18), the 'Gradient Tee' ($25) and the 'Jockey Cardigan' ( $97).


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