Because you need to watch this!

Or maybe you don't need to. But it's great. How have I missed the greatness that is Feist on Seasame Street until today?

Put on loop while I answer my emails, it made my day.

It captures the spirit of the original while being infused with muppets and enthusiasm for counting!

* Edit, and due to the ridiculous number of times I've listened to this I've also discovered Seasame Street's YouTube account. Pop by for more greatness!


Beth Cyr said…
oh it is just lovely!!!! thanks for sharing - i could definitely watch it over and over too! And how wonderful as an artist to be able to do adapt one of your songs for sesame street!!
ColleenBaran said…
Isn't it just! It's cuteness has been addictive.

"Oh, oh, counting to 4!
Oh, oh, lets count some more!
'1, 2, 3, 4 penguins over by the door'."

And yes, what fun that would be! It makes me wish I wrote songs:)

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