Colourful Bulbs

Colourful Bulbcaps

Again, how charming these would be in the home. With such a multitude of uses and versatilty! When I first saw these I immediately pictured them on a small version of "85 Bulbs" by Rodi Graumans. Or little clusters of different colours scattered about the room. Wonderful! A mass of wiring perhaps- but still a delight.

From the site- "The Bulbcap is a lampshade, slightly more than a lightbulb. The caps are directly pulled over the lightbulbs of up to 40 watts. Luminescent caps contain special pigments that charge with light in order to glow for a short while in a green/yellow tone after the light has been turned off." Neat!

Another bit of loveliness on mollaspace are 'Hearty Mugs', mugs with heart shapes inside.

found via Minor Details.


Fusion said…
The bulb caps are such a clever idea, especially for a romantic evening...

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