Sale- Ted Noten up to 80% off! May 9th to 16th

Even the signage is charming. And what a rather impressive looking lot to browse through!

"On the occasion of ART AMSTERDAM the gallery will be open on Friday evening the 9th of May from 19.00 - 22.00 hours.

The long awaited opportunity to fullfill secret wishes: jewellery from every phase of Ted Noten career will be on sale for just one week. Graduation pieces, perspex brooches, newly made necklaces, gold and silver, all with irresistible, once-only discount prices."

Galerie Rob Koudijs

'Ice Necklace' by Ted Noten.

If I were in Amsterdam I would definitely not miss this. I've long been a fan of Ted Noten's and I would love a chance to add to my (so far quite, quite small) art collection with something by him.

If the gallery were posting some pieces online I'd definitely be purusing with intent to buy!

Irregardless of the chance at a deal on a Ted Noten piece, popping into the gallery would be quite exciting they represent an impressive international roster of artists such as Anya Kivarkis, Felieke Van Der Leest (always brilliant), Celio Braga and Lina Peterson (among many others).


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