'You Are Beautiful' from Advice To Sink in Slowly

'You Are Beautiful' By Daryl Waller

A 'Y' made of birds.

'Advice To Sink in Slowly' is a project which began in 2006 at the University College Falmouth, where 19 graduates were asked to create a poster w/ advice and inspiration for first year students. A poster is given as a welcoming gift to every first year student when they enrol.

The project has continued to grow with prints available online, and now, 24 posters from the project have been chosen and made into a postcard book- found online here!

And there's an offer to participate on their blog.

Seen on a newly discovered blog my love for you is like a stampede of horses

***edit*** I ended up buying a print of this! Excited to see it!


;). isn't that the best postcard? i just love it!
ColleenBaran said…
Yes indeed!

I liked it so much I ended up buying it:) Yay!

And pretty much one of my only non-needed purchases in the last while.

Also, love your blog- thanks for popping by!

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