The last weekend of my show 'Like Wearing a Love Letter'

click for larger/legible view.

It is the last weekend of my show 'Like Wearing a Love Letter' at the Craft Association of British Columbia's Gallery the 'Crafthouse'.

Ends in 4 days! on May 4th, 2008

In the next couple days I'll be documenting the show but here are a few photos in the meantime.

Chocolate truffle hearts for the show. Neatly cut on the left and sadly crushed on the right. It doesn't appear that crushed from this angle but the one on the right is in rougher shape then it looks. You could eat little pieces of the tattered bits.

Top- #26- "I miss you", rubber, sterling silver, resin, and water soluble stamp. Inked ring leaves messages of love behind.
Bottom- #25- 'The Love Inside #5', sterling silver, recycled mlyar, archival ink. A simple band hides messages of love.


Matthew said…
oooh..I'll have to head up there this weekend, thanks for the reminder!

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