New Ring- 'I Miss You'

After posting these photos today I was delighted to see Emily Watson's apt and astute juxtaposition of imageshere on Flickr. I've also looked at the little lovely bumps from the lettering and thought of topography so it's perfect.

Click all images for a larger view.

"I Miss You',
Ring individually handmade of a custom made stamp and sterling silver. Bold and subtle and brave declarations of love to be left on bedside notes, at the bottom of a letter or a sweetheart's wrist, over their heart, along the nape of their neck... little traces of love left behind.

"I Miss You" was part of my recent solo show at the Crafthouse and is also in Poppytalk Handmade's 'Paper Pops' May/June juried online market and listed on Etsy.

Photos on Flickr with more rings, phrases and sizes to come!


Chantel said…
I love this ring! I saw it on PoppyTalk and just wanted to say that you make some very beautiful rings.
Anonymous said…
Wow! This is great!
CouponAlbum said…
Wow!! It's very unique design!! I like this!!

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