Emily Carr Institute Undergraduate Exhibition 2008- Part 2

A few more images from the Emily Carr Grad show, taken earlier this week when I saw the show.

S. Kyu Hwang, Click for larger image

S. Kyu Hwang, The photo's a little dark/rough but it's a detail shot of my favourite piece.

S. Kyu Hwang
"let's go home",
graphite on paper

This was the work I'd most love to own; sweet, detailed, modern, vintage. Who I've just googled and find has site under construction and a blog 'draw'.

David Mook
"Burt and Farrah".
A funny, funny man. Love these. Worth viewing the image above larger.

Emily Carr Institute Undergraduate Exhibition 2008
May 3– 11 2008
Emily Carr Institute
1399/1400 Johnston St.
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Anonymous said…
Hi Colleen, thanks for the feature! I've been working on my website for a while, but with work and life in general it's difficult to get things done. I'll let you know when my site is up and running though. Thanks again for the post~

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