Another Retrospective Update- Jewellery Journey Air at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Germany

Another Retrospective update! Above are postcards from 'Jewellery Journey Air' at the Museum Fur Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, Germany. And, charmingly enough, my rings are shown on the left of the back of the postcard- which was a great honour and a delight. The featured ring is "Cloud Ring #2", a set of 11 rings from the Cloud Series.

Cloud Ring #2 (2006), Sterling Silver, hand fabricated. Bannds have parts that are paper flat, often polished to a mirror finish and have tubular interlocking parts. This ring can be rearranged to suit ones mood. And it has been travelling around the world since 2006 in this exhibition.

This was the first if three shows in this travelling exhibition and was in the summer of 2006. The second was in May 2007 at the Galería Isidro Miranda in Argentina. The third ran Sept-Oct 2007 at the Elements Gallery in the Detroit Artists Market in Detroit, Michigan (USA). Future shows tba but are slated so far for Australia and Singapore.

And now there is a catalogue of the exhibition by Christine Bossler for sale on This ring is the one featured in the catalogue.

Photos of 'Jewellery Journey Air' and the Museum Fur Kunst und Gewerbe in Germany.


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