Retropective Update- 'Jewellery Journey Air' in Buenos Aires, Argentina (May 2007)

My second 'Retrospective Update'. This one is more recent having occurred in May of 2007.

Above are photos of the second exhibition of ‘Jewellery Journey Air’ which was shown in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the Galeria Isidro Miranda in May 2007.
Galería Isidro Miranda

The exhibition features 24 international jewellery artists who have explored the idea of 'Air'.

Jewellery Journey
Internationales Internet- und Ausstellungsprojekt für Schmuckkünstler

I have five pieces in this exhibition, one of which can be seen below.

Cloud Ring #4, Can be worn in 6 ways on 4-5 fingers. This work encourages an expressive relationship with the wearer who can adjust the ring according to mood.
More work from the Cloud Series can be found on my website.
Colleen Baran


Matt said…
I really like the lighting artifacts in the second picture from the top here; it actually seems to compliment the rings in a way.
ColleenBaran said…
Yes, I agree. It gives the image a dreamy, underwater feeling.

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