Postcard front and back for 'Share Your Stories of Love'!

Click on images for larger view. I have just sent in these images for postcards and am in love with them. Simple but exactly as I meant them to look. I can't wait until they arrive!

As mentioned in December, I have an open call 'Share Your Love' and invite *everybody* to submit their stories of love! All Love! Most stories will be used in an artist book &/or zine, select stories will be used in pieces in my 'Love Letter' series. And they'll be used in my solo show "Like Wearing a Love Letter' at the Crafthouse Gallery (March 27th to May 4th, 2008) in Vancouver Canada.

I’m collecting 'stories of love'. I'm looking for the full spectrum of love, both good and bad: lustful, platonic, passionate, bitter, pure, joyous, brief, long-term, deep, shallow, unconditional, etc. Love of a partner, a vocation, an idea. Do you have a secret crush? Have you fallen in love? Have you fallen out of love? Tell me about your first kiss! What makes you excited to wake up in the morning! Weak in the knees! Giddy and breathless! Share the story of who and what you love!

All languages are welcome! Though 'non-English' submissions would be best accompanied by a rough English translation.

1) Name (very optional) or Initials (also optional):
2) Sex:
3) Age:
4) Country (needed) and City (optional):
5) Title:
6) Story (a few lines to a few paragraphs):

Email stories to with the subject line 'Share Your Love'. No attachments- post into the body of the message. DEADLINE MARCH 1ST for inclusion in upcoming show. Specify whether you are submitting for both the book and the jewellery or just the book. Those that do not specific can be used in both.

I will be regularly posting updates on the project here on so check back! And if you have questions about the project please feel free to ask!


dallas said…
a timely assignment! i love the rings. i am in love with people being bold and expressing their love. i have a site for posting open love notes and letters of appreciation. don't know if it will be any help to your project, but maybe it would be a good brainstormer -

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