Updated- Submit Your Stories to 'Share Your Love!- Please Pass On!

Updated 'web-friendly' versions of the postcards! Feel free to post! And slightly tweaked version of the call!

1) Name (very optional) or Initials (also optional):
2) Sex (optional):
3) Age (optional):
4) Country (needed) and City (optional):
5) Title (optional):
6) Story (a few lines to a few paragraphs):

Stories to be used in: An artist book! Colleen Baran's 'Love Letter Series'! A book!

All languages are welcome! Because the world is full of love! Non-English stories should come with a rough (at least) English version.

What kind of stories? All kinds! All love! Both big and small love. Overwhelming and soft warm love. Comfy and conflicted love! Stories of first kisses and first sweethearts! Secret crushes and mad flings! All love is welcome! Stories of how you felt, copies of sweet notes left on pillows, impassioned letters. All sincere stories of love are wonderful!

To Submit to info@colleenbaran.com with the subject line 'Share Your Love'. No attachments. Full credit is given to all 'non-anonymous' stories. Submited stories may be reproduced in all publications and media. DEADLINE ONGOING
Questions? Quite welcome- email info(at)colleenbaran.com with the subject line 'share your love'.

Please pass on! Share the love!
And check back for updates!

*edited to reflect ongoing deadline*
(Edited & updated post)


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