Friday, September 28, 2007

I will have rings in the upcoming book '500 Wedding Rings'

I've just received my acceptance letter for '500 Wedding Rings' and I'm quite pleased- needless to say! It is published by Lark Books and will be released in spring of 2008. I haven't seen it yet but have seen most of the other books in the 500 Series and the print quality has been wonderful. So it is extra nice!
'500 Wedding Rings' on

Below is the image that will be included in the book.

pair of rings, 'I've loved you since the moment I met you' and 'I want to be your wife Always' (2006)
From the 'Like Wearing a Love Letter' Series
Materials- Polycarbonate, resin, thread, archival ink
Hand fabricated: hand written and sewn

A few more photos can be seen here

In the ‘Like Wearing a Love Letter’ series I wanted to make jewellery that was like a love letter. Like wearing a daydream, a memory or a thought of love. Pieces are formed of collections of small phrases and words that layer to build narratives. Little stories of love that are: sincere, ironic, deep, passionate, conflicted, uncertain, comfortable, simple, adoring, platonic and complicated.

Made of milky polycarbonate and clear Mylar they are cloudy dreamy forms like thoughts from the air; possibly a permanent record of a fleeting thought, a declaration of a permanent bond or an artifact of a love no more. Work in this series is constructed from hand written and carved words on plastic petals and strips which are sewn and crocheted into layered, cloudy and fluttery forms.

I will be working on new ideas from this series over the next while. Updates to come! One of my favourites includes a pendant made of over 50 petals.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Two Updates- Upcoming work on Poppytalk Handmade and Last Day of MAGC Exhibition in Fredricton

The first update is an upcoming project. I was accepted by 'Poppytalk Handmade' for the inaugural month of October. A new endeavor by Poppytalk it's an online craft fair that will be juried monthly. So, coming Oct 1st you can find me here Poppytalk Handmade!

My 2nd 'Update' is part retrospective, a small part current and part future announcement. I have a Cloud Bracelet in the Metal Arts Guild of Canada's juried exhibition '60 Years of MAG and the Year of Craft'.

It is currently (until Sept 21st= today) at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design Gallery, Fredricton. The next show be at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax Canada.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More From the Framework Series

Similar to the Framework Ring 1 but as a set of 2 rings. To be posted on Etsy this week. The two rings lock together and the shape makes them bold but light.

Already on Etsy. A simple shape with every element important to the whole.

Current Exhibition of 'Jewellery Journey Air' in Detriot!

(click images for legible larger sized images)

The third exhibition of 'Jewellery Journey Air' is in the United States. Exhibition runs from Sept 14th to Oct 20th at the Elements Gallery in the Detroit Artists Market in Detroit, Michigan (USA).

Pieces pictured are by Phil Carrizzi from the US and Gabriela Horvat from Argentina (left to right).

An element of this exhibition was a documented discussion of 'air' and is online here. As part of my 'Retrospective Updates' I will soon feature a few of my favourite ideas and pieces from the site and in the show.

Retropective Update- 'Jewellery Journey Air' in Buenos Aires, Argentina (May 2007)

My second 'Retrospective Update'. This one is more recent having occurred in May of 2007.

Above are photos of the second exhibition of ‘Jewellery Journey Air’ which was shown in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the Galeria Isidro Miranda in May 2007.
Galería Isidro Miranda

The exhibition features 24 international jewellery artists who have explored the idea of 'Air'.

Jewellery Journey
Internationales Internet- und Ausstellungsprojekt für Schmuckkünstler

I have five pieces in this exhibition, one of which can be seen below.

Cloud Ring #4, Can be worn in 6 ways on 4-5 fingers. This work encourages an expressive relationship with the wearer who can adjust the ring according to mood.
More work from the Cloud Series can be found on my website.
Colleen Baran

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Retrospective Updates- My Work in Joanna Gollberg's The Art and Craft of Making Jewelry

Seeing as I only now have a blog I've decided on a few 'Retrospective Updates'. The first being photos of the first book I was published in. My work in the lovely book 'The Art and Craft of Making Jewelry' by Joanna Gollberg, published in 2006 by Lark Books.

One day I will document all of the many variations together, but until then this is a good overview. Below is an image of Floating Saucer Ring 1 as worn.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Work from my new Framework Series

Framework Series Ring. A first post of new work from this series. A link to this ring on Etsy -> (soon I will discover the mysteries of making links look better then this...)

I've spent the last while making many versions of these and deciding upon my favourite variations. This is high on the list of favourites. This series is very much representative of my genereal my aesthetic in it's use of negative space, large yet light shapes (more of those to come) and simple yet detailed forms based in pattern and simple lines.

Below is a rough image of some of the pieces soon to come. Laid out waiting to be documented. But there are more as well.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Clouds Raining Val Kilmer Heads

Clouds raining Val Kilmer Heads. The artist is unknown (to me at least), though a smidge of research indicates it is a Torontonian. And found I that they are ‘everywhere’ with a disputed source. Plastered on buildings in NY, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

And is apparently a story that has spread quite widely. It was mentioned in People… “Bring me the head of Val Kilmer” and even garnered a statement from Kilmer's publicist in 2006:

"Val is against the defacement of any public property," said his publicist Michael Yanni, adding that while Kilmer won't comment directly on the peculiar postings, he is aware of them and "definitely intrigued. He is wondering about the why and who of it all."

Very Proper. How odd it would be to visit a city and find one's face used as graffiti throughout?

Irregardless of the initial source, this evolution/form of the proliferating Val Kilmer Heads is my favourite. I love mobiles, pattern and simple mono-chromatic images.

Kirsten Hassenfeld- A first 'Artist Feature'

Kirsten Hassenfeld Dollar Dreams - 9' x 12' x 8', 2002- Possibly still available.

Beautiful amazing chandelier sculptures by Kirsten Hassefeld. This chandelier is my dream. I'm sure it would make any room, environment utterly delightful. I would love a huge white room to put this in.

Pink Cluster
8’ x 6’ x 4’, Paper with mixed media, 2003- and it seems to be available as well! I think this is high on my 'If money were not a concern' list. I would snap it up.

More pieces to be found here>

Hassenfeld has a solo exhibition opening this month, Sept 27th, at Rice Gallery, Rice University in Houston Texas. Below is an installation photo taken by the artist. Beautiful attention to detail, jewel like forms and lovely white on white woos me quite quickly. I would love to see this show but am hoping for at least many, many good photos to show up on their site.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Few Photos of the Upcoming Felt Series

Felt Series Rings- One made 4 years ago and the rest made last week. You can't quite tell, but the second row is full of 3 blue-ish rings that can be worn as a set and the grey ring (on the left) in the 3rd row has feet. More photos to come.

Felt Series Earrings- Soon to be posted on Etsy.

After a couple years of monochromatic or pure metal pieces I feel an urge to make a variety of sweet, colourful and tactile pieces. Even the photos make me smile. And so, I'm rediscovering the Felt Series, a project I briefly worked on 3/4 years ago.

The colour scheme is full of blues, greens, greys, deep pink, red, purple and black. I will begin posting them on Etsy in the next week.

A new blog and a first post.

A new blog!


The format of this blog will be partly for news and updates on my work- A friendlier and fixed version of a newsletter; more pictorial and interactive.

I will be posting photos of new work and projects, exhibitions, press and publications.

I will also be featuring things I love, work from some of my favourite artists and designers and odd &/or delightful things found in my daily life.