Clouds Raining Val Kilmer Heads

Clouds raining Val Kilmer Heads. The artist is unknown (to me at least), though a smidge of research indicates it is a Torontonian. And found I that they are ‘everywhere’ with a disputed source. Plastered on buildings in NY, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

And is apparently a story that has spread quite widely. It was mentioned in People… “Bring me the head of Val Kilmer” and even garnered a statement from Kilmer's publicist in 2006:

"Val is against the defacement of any public property," said his publicist Michael Yanni, adding that while Kilmer won't comment directly on the peculiar postings, he is aware of them and "definitely intrigued. He is wondering about the why and who of it all."

Very Proper. How odd it would be to visit a city and find one's face used as graffiti throughout?

Irregardless of the initial source, this evolution/form of the proliferating Val Kilmer Heads is my favourite. I love mobiles, pattern and simple mono-chromatic images.


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