Kirsten Hassenfeld- A first 'Artist Feature'

Kirsten Hassenfeld Dollar Dreams - 9' x 12' x 8', 2002- Possibly still available.

Beautiful amazing chandelier sculptures by Kirsten Hassefeld. This chandelier is my dream. I'm sure it would make any room, environment utterly delightful. I would love a huge white room to put this in.

Pink Cluster
8’ x 6’ x 4’, Paper with mixed media, 2003- and it seems to be available as well! I think this is high on my 'If money were not a concern' list. I would snap it up.

More pieces to be found here>

Hassenfeld has a solo exhibition opening this month, Sept 27th, at Rice Gallery, Rice University in Houston Texas. Below is an installation photo taken by the artist. Beautiful attention to detail, jewel like forms and lovely white on white woos me quite quickly. I would love to see this show but am hoping for at least many, many good photos to show up on their site.


psychopooch said…
I love this. Would be on my list too if money was not a concern ;)

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