A Few Photos of the Upcoming Felt Series

Felt Series Rings- One made 4 years ago and the rest made last week. You can't quite tell, but the second row is full of 3 blue-ish rings that can be worn as a set and the grey ring (on the left) in the 3rd row has feet. More photos to come.

Felt Series Earrings- Soon to be posted on Etsy.

After a couple years of monochromatic or pure metal pieces I feel an urge to make a variety of sweet, colourful and tactile pieces. Even the photos make me smile. And so, I'm rediscovering the Felt Series, a project I briefly worked on 3/4 years ago.

The colour scheme is full of blues, greens, greys, deep pink, red, purple and black. I will begin posting them on Etsy in the next week.


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