Thursday, August 28, 2008

Made of trailers

Redneck Mansion, A interesting use of modern parts to make a classic shape.

This reminds me a little of overhead views of small Italian islands with houses close together and almost layered. I'd love to know who made this! And if it's someones regular home?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Daniele Lago's Bookshelf Tree

30mm bookshelf by Daniele Lago

I LOVE the baskets of books (apples) on the ground. Also love the idea of 'books made from trees then stored in wooden tree' cycle. Great design and flawless photo.

Daniele Lago, also designed the Tangram Bookshelf.

found via Double Takes.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Ring Shows at the Georgia Museum of Art (Part 2)

And Here is Part Two to my post on The Ring Shows: 'Then & Now' and 'Putting the Band Back Together' at the Georgia Museum of Art in Georgia, US.

As I said, I have too many favourites to pick just a couple, so I've picked a couple dozen. Click on each image for a larger view. See the rest on flickr or in person.

Flora - Rings made of and from nature.
Textural, soft and with a water can for tending to, a garden ring by Brandon Holschuh

More contained nature by Sarah Hood

Yael Krakowski, who (like me) is from BC in Canada.

Nora Rochel

Multiple finger rings!

Jillian Moore

Kate Bauman

Courtney Poole

Chris Weston

Alternative Materials
James Thurman

A textural ring made of layered paper. As mentioned in the previous post, this artist will also be giving a workshop during the exhibiton.

Jamie Jo Fisher

Ted Noten,
I've long,
long been
a fan of

Lisa Medlen,
a lava-like volcano with pink inside. Visit her website to see her 'Shadow' jewelry.

Vickie Sedman

Oxidised Textures and Detail

Allyson Bone

Nikki Nation

An anvil and saw blades and an envelopes. Materials used everyday (for jewellers at least).

Rings of saw blades! (though I can't saw for sure, they apear to).
Sergey Jivetin, I always admire the design combined with the (beyond) impecable technical skill that his works exhibits. See more on his website.

Marlene True
An anvil!

Sarah Jane Airgood
This made me smile
when I saw it.

I hope that there
were postal people
who tried it on
while enroute.

I think was was my longest post yet, I may come back to see if I can find links for the link-less.

Opens today! The Ring Shows at the Georgia Museum of Art (Part 1)

Today is the opening day for The Ring Shows: 'Then & Now' and 'Putting the Band Back Together' at the Georgia Museum of Art in Georgia, US. It runs August 23-November 2, 2008.

Cloud Ring #10 (by me), 10 band set in silver and white moonstone that is included in 'Putting the Band Back Together', a show of selected contemporary rings by international makers.

See more of the Cloud Series on my website and on flickr and view all the rings from the Putting the Back Together' on flickr .

The work is so strong, that I can't really pick just a few favourites so I'll be adding a second post with many rings later this weekend. But for now.............

This amazing, scary, charming, lively ring by is by Coffee Miklos- made of matches

An extraordinary flying machine for small trips- by Mia Montgomery

As well as the exhibition there will be events, talks, and workshops! Quite a marvelous assortment of events for the lucky locals & visitors. Were I in Georgia I'd like to go to every one.

Thursday, September 4th, exhibition tour with Ashley Callahan
Friday, September 5th, 5-8, opening reception as part of Arts Festival
Thursday, October 2, gallery talk with Mary Hallam Pearse
Tuesday, October 7, 5:30, lecture by Robert Ebendorf
Monday, October 13, Ring Workshop with James Thurman
Saturday, September 25, family day Ring Workshop with Jewelry/Metals Students

About The Shows, Beginning in 1977, the Jewelry/Metals department at the University of Georgia sponsored three consecutive annual juried exhibitions of rings. The exhibitions traveled the country by Greyhound bus, being displayed at museums, university galleries, and even one bus terminal locker. Inspired by this important collection, the department recently invited many artists involved in the National Ring Shows to create new rings to be shown with their work from the 1970s in a display titled ‘The Ring Show: Then & Now’. The department also celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the original collection by organizing a new international juried ring exhibition, ‘Putting the Band Back Together’. The Georgia Museum of Art is presenting these two important collections of rings together for the first time.

I'm quite excited that there will also be a catalogue by Brett MacFadden , a clever graphic designer from San Francisco. (additional site here ).

'50 books' poster - designed by Brett MacFadden & Catherine Bullimore

Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designers- Brett MacFadden

Included in the catalogue will be writings by Curator Ashley Callahan, Rob Jackson, Lane Coulter, an interview with Gary Noffke and then images from both exhibitions.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Amazing Jewelry Photography!

LOVE the photographs for 'Backstagepuristen' by Christian Hoedl at the Oona Galerie in Berlin, Germany. 'Backstagepuristen' ran from 12 Jul 2008 - 16 Aug 2008.

Photos by the evidently rather clever Jan von Holleben. They made me smile the minute I saw them.

found via klimt02

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Look in the sky!

photo by Mila Zinkova

Look in the sky for the Perseids meteor shower tonight!

The Perseids are active this year from July 17 to August 24, with their peak on August 12 (tonight). They're mostly visible in the northern hemisphere and, during the peak, the rate of meteors/shooting stars is about 80 per hour. So even looking for 10 minutes will likely be nice and satisfying with a few sitings.

To see them just look up after 10 pm.

More favourites- Tara Donovan

Untitled, 2003
Styrofoam Cups, Hot Glue
visit the American artist Tara Donovan's work at Ace Gallery, NYC

Tara Donovan, creates natural forms, clouds, topography, hills, mountains, stalagmites (or stalactites- I confuse which is top and which is bottom)and more made using pattern and accumulation.

Her work is arresting. I can remember first seeing 'Haze', (her wall of straws) in 2003 and being impressed. But I was utterly entranced by 'Untitled' (pictured). Made of paper cups, hot glue and time she creates amazing undulating forms from simple everyday items. Breath taking! One of those brilliant and lovely things I wish I'd thought of myself.

I love the idea of these as small scale installations in the corner of a white room with very high ceilings. Perhaps growing up and around the wall.

Transplanted, 2003
Ripped & Stacked Tarpaper
2 1/2"(H) x 10'6"(W) x 26'(D)
IBM Exhibition Space 57th St. & Madison Ave. New York City, Flall 2003

'85 Bulbs'- Good Design I've loved for years

In posting the Bulbcaps I realised that I not yet posted the brilliant " 85 Bulbs " by Rodi Graumans of Droog.

I'm such a sucker for these lamps. To me they look perfect in everyway . I can remember the first time I saw one and it took my breathe away. Inform, a local store with international home design, carried them and I would sigh and be impressed anew everytime I walked by.

At $3000- $4000 they're (ahem) a 'little bit' out of my price range but for those who can afford them I'm sure they're worth every bit.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Colourful Bulbs

Colourful Bulbcaps

Again, how charming these would be in the home. With such a multitude of uses and versatilty! When I first saw these I immediately pictured them on a small version of "85 Bulbs" by Rodi Graumans. Or little clusters of different colours scattered about the room. Wonderful! A mass of wiring perhaps- but still a delight.

From the site- "The Bulbcap is a lampshade, slightly more than a lightbulb. The caps are directly pulled over the lightbulbs of up to 40 watts. Luminescent caps contain special pigments that charge with light in order to glow for a short while in a green/yellow tone after the light has been turned off." Neat!

Another bit of loveliness on mollaspace are 'Hearty Mugs', mugs with heart shapes inside.

found via Minor Details.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wonderful dresser/storage/shelf unit

More furniture I'd love in my workshop. This is quite along the lines of what I'm hoping to find. My primary search has focused on vintage library card catalogues and small shelves. I'm charmed by this combination of both- which would be perfect for petite jeweller's tools. Perhaps little vignettes of them.

It is from the always lovely DesignSponge- a sneak peek into the home of Paul Donald, president and co-founder of Branch Home.

'Paul said about it "This chest of drawers is one of my favorite pieces of furniture: it’s from an old hardware store, and its many drawers are perfect for organizing and hiding away all of a home’s little necessities. The numbers are printed on metal, and are from an old gas station."

Mid Century Modern in 'Promises of Paradise'

I'm reorganis- ing my workroom, and so, am thinking about furniture these days.

On my wish-list would be this lovely table. What a gloriously decadent bit of tool storage this would be. Though it's likely that such loveliness would lead me to reserve it for books and other less hardy fare.

It is an end table by designer George Farkas produced in 1949 and it part of the show 'Promises of Paradise' at The Harn Museum of Art in Gainesville FL. Running October 11, 2008 until January 25, 2009. The focus is mid-century modern design with an emphasis on Florida.

The show includes furniture, fashion, photographs, printed ephemera and architectural renderings.

found via

Call for Entries, iF Concept Award 2009 Launched- prizes totalling € 30,000

iF Concept Award 2009, an international design award with prizes totalling € 30,000 with a final exhibition of all works. This sounds like a great opportunity, if I were eligible I'd be interested.

iF concept award 2009. The international competition for up-and-coming talent has been launched. Students (and recent grads)in the fields of design, architecture, marketing and engineering from all over the world are invited to submit their innovative, trend-setting ideas and concepts in the competition for an iF concept award 2009.

Categories Entries in can be submitted until January 5, 2009.
1-time to market
2-industrial design
4-communication & multimedia design
5-architecture & interior design
6-universal design

Jury and Awards An independent, international jury of experts will select the "Best 100" of all the entries. Outstanding entries will be rewarded with prize monies totalling € 30,000.

Registration deadline: January 5, 2009
iF awards ceremony: March 7, 2009

Projects can be registered at

Read the full Call here on Dexinger.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Renewable Clothing by Fernando Brizio

Flexibility - Renewable Clothing by Fernando Brizio

'Renewable Clothing' by Fernando Brízio
By placing colored felt-tip pens in the pockets of the dress its appearance changes over time. Within an 1 to 1 1/2 hours the colored ink bleeds into the fabric and creates a one-off design for each occasion. The owner can then clean the dress and color it in a different way for each time they wear it.

Flexibility - Design in a fast changing society
Ex Carceri 'Le Nuove', Turin
June 29 - Oct 12, 2008
(from DesignBoom)

Work Hard and Be Nice To People

I couldn't agee more! Love the simplicity of this. 'Work Hard' by Anthony Burrill at the

Anthony studied Graphic Design at Leeds Polytechnic before completing his MA at the Royal College of Art, London. His projects have included poster campaigns for London Underground, DIESEL, Playstation, Nike and interactive web based projects for Kraftwerk and Air.

Found via swissmiss

Friday, August 8, 2008

Because you need to watch this!

Or maybe you don't need to. But it's great. How have I missed the greatness that is Feist on Seasame Street until today?

Put on loop while I answer my emails, it made my day.

It captures the spirit of the original while being infused with muppets and enthusiasm for counting!

* Edit, and due to the ridiculous number of times I've listened to this I've also discovered Seasame Street's YouTube account. Pop by for more greatness!