Watch Jonathan Keller age 8 years in under 6 minutes

Jonathan Keller- a photo a day for 8 years on YouTube.
October 1, 1998 - August 20, 2006. 2547 Days worth of pics. A work in progress.

Jonathan Keller has photographed himself nearly every day for 8 years and you can watch him age in in under 6 minutes. Aside from the image quality (on YouTube) it well done and strangely moving. It shows a satisfyingly significant evolution from teen to man.

He has a rather stylish website as well. The Faq's are worth reading (or so I thought). He answers questions like 'Are you crazy?', 'Who has time to take all these pictures?'.

And you can 'support' the project here by donating to it on Amazon. I hadn't known this, but amazon has a section where you can pay to support your favourite websites! Or to start an account for contributions to yours!


pia said…
that is amazing. a really incredible piece of art.

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