My Love Letter Rings in "500 Wedding Rings"

My Love Letter Rings in '500 Wedding Rings'. Click for a larger view! It is the newest edition of the 500 Series from Lark Books and the print quality is great. So it is extra lovely!

Below are some of my other favourites from'500 Wedding Rings'.

Love, love these rings by Sarah Tropher (a fellow Canadian), also amazing (and a favourite of mine for awhile now) are her 'constructo' kits.

The rings (above and immediately below) Jana Brevick are equally engaging. Goggling her (just now) I realise that I've seen and admired much of her work. Amoung those I've noticed are her 'Everchanging Rings' which she says are "...worn for a time, returned to her to be melted then worked into a new ring, maintaining purity, weight... The designs are not lost, unlike the countless treasures found then melted by grave diggers, as the ring is accompanied by an album that records up to five generations, with space provided for a photo and specifications of weight, size, date."

Gerd Rothman rings with the fingerprints of the wearers.


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