Learning to Love You More

I've long loved projects will a purely postive message. I Particularily love 'Learning To Love You More' and it seemed like a good time to mention it. I discovered it a few years ago and 4 years later I'm no less charmed by the sincerity, the sweetness and the 'art for art's sake' fun. A website where art projects are given as assignments that can be filled by anybody and everybody everywhere.

This image abouve is by 'Julia in Vancouver' and is from assignment #63 "Make an Encouraging Banner". So great. And they are ALL good. Really. I could have posted a dozen.

Learning to Love You More is a project by Miranda July, Harrell Fletcher and Yuri Ono. Since it's inception in 2002 over 5000 people have participated in the project.
And now there's a book!


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