More Jewellery you can Eat! Chocolate jewelry by Jeannette Jansen

She says:
"The necklace, elegant reminder of all those chocolates, tongue-melting, delicious ... Worth a 3600 kcal, but gone forever ..."
Materials are chocolate wrappings, dark purple pearl thread and it is 110cm long.

A chocolate pin

And both as worn! I love the little chocolate pin sitting on her shoulder.

Made by Jeannette Jansen, more photos of this series on her blog the chocolate eater and more jewellery on A rather stylish site.

Found on, an amazing site that covers international art jewellery- artists, books, galleries, competitions, etc.


Mary-Laure said…
What a fun, fun, fun idea! I'm a chocolate fan, so jewelry I can munch on... count me in.

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