Ingo Maurer Chandeliers and Lamps

Birds Birds Birds by Ingo Maurer. Made of aluminium wires that can be turned, bent or stretched. I Love things that can accommodate the user/owner/wearer/etc! As well as being customisable, the light bulbs have little wings made of authentic geese feathers.

Amazing ' Birdie ’ chandelier by Ingo Maurer.
A smaller version of the one above. I have long adored this chandelier. If money were no object I would also buy this. It is just perfect.

It was once available at a local store Inform that has impeccably chosen international home design and books. I've been 'browsing' there for many years and am always impressed with their selection.

Ingo Maurer - Lucellino Table lamp.
For those who can not afford to spend $5000ish on a chandelier there is also a smaller variation on the theme. I think they are $700ish.


janine de waal said…
Really FANTASTIC lights!!!
GES said…
Hey, i just ran into your blog by accident. I just wrote something about Ingos stuff myself in my new blog, but sadly i havent got such great pics like you have. Have you seen his Zettel´z lamp? Also a great piece of art
ColleenBaran said…
Love, love Zettel´z! Actually, I think it's already in my drafts folder. Such a perfect concept and design.

And thanks, The pictures I used are catalogue ones. I'd credit the photographer but I'm afraid I didn't see a name.
Vincenzo Natale said…
Ingo Maurer lamps are so fantastic, this manufacturer of interior lighting is a genius

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