Little Boxes For My Jewellery

Some of the new little boxes for my jewellery!

Sweet little individualised boxes that fill me with delight! After the first batch was made I kept coming back to look at, arrange & just generally feel pleased about them. Small things make me happy.

Since I started to ship individual items (rather then the 20-30-etc for a shop/gallery) I've started to think about little boxes. I've actually wanted to make these for awhile.

I love the idea of a packaging that is like a gift. That, even when bought for oneself, it's arrival is still a new experience- and I think that adding little boxes and tissue paper to packages makes them lovely to open and makes a nice little home for them when in 'repose'.

Not every design gets its own little box, (though that would be wonderful) but a fair number Do get their own boxes. More then I first thought I'd be able to make! I'm also working on more photos that can work for general series so that I can spread the love to one-offs and experiments.

More to come!


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