Ring a Day- 29/365, cranberries- like shiny edible clustered garnets

Ring a Day 29/365
Plastic bag from bulk food section and cranberries. Two finger ring. The cranberries have a bit of a garnet-like look to them.

Edible and rather practical. With a hole poked in top I can eat the cranberries while I wear it.


knitsteel said…
dried cranberries? Fresh cranberries have some serious pucker value.
ColleenBaran said…
Dried cranberries are the best! There have been months I practically lived on theese things. Much sweeter then fresh. Amazing in muffins & cereal.
Nadia said…
Dried cranberries for me go with a box of spinach, goat cheese, sliced almonds and raspberry vinaigrette from a bottle dressing -- that, in fact, is my dinner tonight. :D
ColleenBaran said…
Sounds perfect! Spinach salad with goat cheese, nuts & dried cranberries is the sort of thing I could eat everyday for a week. Easy.

My last dried cranberry addiction was dried cranberries + organic yogurt + fresh ginger (heaps of it) + almonds + granola + vanilla soya milk.

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