Featured on Design For Mankind

Extra lovely as Design For Mankind is one of my favourite blogs/sites.

"Colleen Baran is crafting a ring a day from everyday objects. A few of my favorites? Rubber bands, false eyelashes, chocolate and elastic."


Anonymous said…
I came across your work on Flickr. It's truly inspiring and I love the ring a day project, the exploration is so fun to follow. I wanted to let you know that I'm blogging today with a round up of artists and designers using rubber bands in unusual ways, I've included two of your rings with links to your website and blog. Hope you are well!
ColleenBaran said…
Hello hkpowerstudio,
thanks for your lovely complimenta!

Curious to see what other work with rubber bands you've found!

Could you use my Flickr link as well? - since all the rubber band experiments are on flickr.

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