Ring A Day- 24, 25, 26, skin toned rings

Ring a Day- 24/365. Cut and woven band aid. Simple but while it was being made the bandaid strips kept sticking to each and needing to be pried apart.

For days 24, 25 & 26 I continued the theme of skin-toned temporary rings using elastics, a band-aid and lace. A mix of various found and recycled materials.

Ring a Day- 25/365, sweet vintage lace.

Ring a Day- 26/365, elastic band and thread. As flesh toned as I could find about the house. I do, somewhere, have a stash of even fleshier ones. Mysteriously nowhere to be found but I'll be making more if they show up.


ieva jansone said…
wow, these are fantastic. never thought there's a ring-art.. it is far more then jewelry..
just discovered you through "the nearness of distance". jane posted your stamp ring! what a fantastic idea. for people in love.
great work!
ColleenBaran said…
Hello Ieva, thanks so much. A lovely comment.

I do love both the art & design side of jewelry. Some work is all art, some all design, some a mix.

& Nice to know how you came to find my site.

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