Kirsten Hassenfeld- Dans la Lune Jan 17-Feb 22 in Brooklyn

Kirsten Hassenfeld
Dans la Lune
January 17- February 22, 2009
Smack Mellon Gallery in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn

I've long loved (and coveted) Kirsten Hassenfeld's delicate and detailed paper installations. Indeed, when I started SeeSeeBe (over a year ago now!) she was the first artist feature with her show at the Rice Gallery.

While I was rather decadently imagining them in a living room (my own) these would be fabulous in a shop or restaurant. Or some such place with a higher design budget then most individuals.

I can picture them through a high ceiling, open faced window, an installation like a glowing cluster of translucent jewels in the evenings.

What could be more inviting?


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