Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BIG NEWS- Solo show March 27th, 'Like wearing a Love Letter' at the Crafthouse Gallery in Vancouver!

‘My Life with you’ (2007)

It is the 27th today- which means it is 1 month until my solo show, 'Like Wearing a Love Letter' at the Crafthouse Gallery in Vancouver Canada .
Opening night March 27th 6-8pm!

I would like to invite *everybody* to come by and say hi, try things on, eat some chocolate, ask some questions!

My "Cloud Ring #10" in the exhibition Putting The Band Back Together at SNAG 2008 in Savannah, Georgia

I'm delighted that I have my Cloud Ring #10 (from the Cloud Series) in "The Ring Show: Putting the Band Back Together" at the Savannah College of Art and Design February 18 - March 9, 2008.

It is described as, "A juried ring exhibition showcasing artists whose work demonstrates a fresh attitude in ring making, exciting promise, innovation and new energy to the field. Works that address contemporary issues through exploration and re-interpretation of format, content, material and process with a reverence to the rich history of the ring itself. 'Putting The Band Back Together' coincides with the curated exhibition 'The Ring Show: Then and Now'. This exhibition highlights a selected number of rings from the original 1977, 1978 and 1979 'National Ring Shows'. Artists in this exhibition have been invited to make a new ring to be shown in conjunction with their original ring."
The two exhibitions will be on view at the 2008 Society of North American Goldsmith's conference in Savannah, GA, March 5-8th. Fahm Hall, SCAD.

And I'm one of the 76 international artists included! I must say, this show sounds really quite phenomenal and I thrilled to be included. I'm hoping to see some photos of the shows posted online.

And as you can see there is no picture of Cloud Ring #10 (a ring set of 10 bands and white moonstone)- it was finished during a week full of deep snow and dark nights that were not conducive to photoshoots. So I'm hoping that there will also be some photos with my ring set included.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Post Office

And as an extra bit of niceness- the post office with my PO Box for the love letter project is quite charming. It's in a big brick building with a vintage feel, lots of light, an oversized 'post office' sign (that I find amusingly grand), red accent walls and surprisingly good bits of furniture. I would most likely have more photos of it but it turns out that pictures of the inside of post offices are illegal in Canada. (Who knew!) I was even questioned by a policeman for taking these! It seems they are fine as they are non specific- but photos of the working area would, well, ‘not be’. So it curtailed my photo-taking fun...

New Update- Mail Me Your Stories of Love!

New! Now you can also mail me your stories of love!

1) Name (very optional) or Initials (also optional):
2) Sex:
3) Age:
4) Country (needed) and City (optional):
5) Title (optional):
6) Story (a few lines to a few paragraphs):
7) Copies of love letters, notes, etc

Snail Mail to
Colleen Baran, Attn: Share Your Love
PO Box 339
10688 King George Hwy
Surrey BC
V3T 5B6 Canada

So, to Submit you can mail them or email with the subject line 'Share Your Love'. No attachments. Full credit is given to all 'non-anonymous' stories. Submitted stories may be reproduced in all publications and media. DEADLINE ONGOING. More info here Questions? Quite welcome- email

*edited to reflect ongoing deadline*

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Love Letter Rings in "500 Wedding Rings"

My Love Letter Rings in '500 Wedding Rings'. Click for a larger view! It is the newest edition of the 500 Series from Lark Books and the print quality is great. So it is extra lovely!

Below are some of my other favourites from'500 Wedding Rings'.

Love, love these rings by Sarah Tropher (a fellow Canadian), also amazing (and a favourite of mine for awhile now) are her 'constructo' kits.

The rings (above and immediately below) Jana Brevick are equally engaging. Goggling her (just now) I realise that I've seen and admired much of her work. Amoung those I've noticed are her 'Everchanging Rings' which she says are "...worn for a time, returned to her to be melted then worked into a new ring, maintaining purity, weight... The designs are not lost, unlike the countless treasures found then melted by grave diggers, as the ring is accompanied by an album that records up to five generations, with space provided for a photo and specifications of weight, size, date."

Gerd Rothman rings with the fingerprints of the wearers.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Watch Jonathan Keller age 8 years in under 6 minutes

Jonathan Keller- a photo a day for 8 years on YouTube.
October 1, 1998 - August 20, 2006. 2547 Days worth of pics. A work in progress.

Jonathan Keller has photographed himself nearly every day for 8 years and you can watch him age in in under 6 minutes. Aside from the image quality (on YouTube) it well done and strangely moving. It shows a satisfyingly significant evolution from teen to man.

He has a rather stylish website as well. The Faq's are worth reading (or so I thought). He answers questions like 'Are you crazy?', 'Who has time to take all these pictures?'.

And you can 'support' the project here by donating to it on Amazon. I hadn't known this, but amazon has a section where you can pay to support your favourite websites! Or to start an account for contributions to yours!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Learning to Love You More

I've long loved projects will a purely postive message. I Particularily love 'Learning To Love You More' and it seemed like a good time to mention it. I discovered it a few years ago and 4 years later I'm no less charmed by the sincerity, the sweetness and the 'art for art's sake' fun. A website where art projects are given as assignments that can be filled by anybody and everybody everywhere.

This image abouve is by 'Julia in Vancouver' and is from assignment #63 "Make an Encouraging Banner". So great. And they are ALL good. Really. I could have posted a dozen.

Learning to Love You More is a project by Miranda July, Harrell Fletcher and Yuri Ono. Since it's inception in 2002 over 5000 people have participated in the project.
And now there's a book!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Sweet Mystery Images

I'm going through my files (looking for a specific photo that may have been 'lost' in a computer crash) and I've come across these lovely photos of mysterious origin. Saved before I realised that, no, I would Not remember where every image came from simply because it was good.

Does anybody know who they are by or where they're from?

New! Submit your photos to 'Share Your Love' on Flickr

"a sweet day" by Curious Bird. I love this photo more the more I look at it!

Three days old now, I've started a new Flickr Group 'Share Your Love' devoted to images of love. All images of things you love or that speak of love are welcome! Share your drawings, paintings, scans of sweet love notes, children’s drawings and doodles made while daydreaming, photos or your sweetheart!

Join here ! It is a public group- because everybody loves.

More Jewellery you can Eat! Chocolate jewelry by Jeannette Jansen

She says:
"The necklace, elegant reminder of all those chocolates, tongue-melting, delicious ... Worth a 3600 kcal, but gone forever ..."
Materials are chocolate wrappings, dark purple pearl thread and it is 110cm long.

A chocolate pin

And both as worn! I love the little chocolate pin sitting on her shoulder.

Made by Jeannette Jansen, more photos of this series on her blog the chocolate eater and more jewellery on A rather stylish site.

Found on, an amazing site that covers international art jewellery- artists, books, galleries, competitions, etc.