An Etsy find. Leanimal's 'Gezane Dress'

A recent Etsy find. Leanimals's work is divine but this is absolutely flawless. I think that this would be a dress that I would put in my closest and then, even when not wearing it, would periodically visit just to appreciate it's loveliness. A very Bird-like, detailed, elegant piece.

More from Etsy description of the Dress-
This dress is a work of art. Truly. It was actual displayed in the Contemporary Museum of Craft here in Portland for a week.

The underneath silver part is made of a metallic linen-rayon blend jacquard and the top part is made of a slightly sheer white complicated network of pieces that have been folded and draped into something amazing.

This is without a doubt one of the most incredible things I've ever made. And it is for certain a one-of a kind because it was incredibly complicated and time-consuming.
pics by Quavondo,

Additional loveliness includes a coat I'd be delighted to wear daily.

And more of Leanne Marshall of Leanimal's work here.


oh wow, this is an amazing dress. Look at all that detail...stunning!

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