Poppytalk Handmade favourites on 'Here Comes the Sun'

Poppytalk Handmade's 'Here Comes the Sun' market is soon to end- on July 4th- so here is a little peek at some of my favourites before they're gone!

'In this place' by Artstream (Heather Smith Jones)

'Stepping Bricks' by Artstream (Heather Smith Jones). Sweet and lryical with great lines and colour. Cheery and personable.

Small Small Felt Series Earrings(by me). Soft, fluffy color.

'Floating Lessons' by Ice Bear

'Dandelion Wall' by Lewa's Designs
I love dandelions. So much so that I was even one for Halloween one year. These come in brown, green and white and I love the idea of a wall covered in them. A field of flying fluff.

'Sunshine's Friend' by Pretty Little Theives

Red bubble fondue pot by 'Ladies and Gentlemen'
***I'm always wooed by these sweet little 70's pots. So perfect.

'A Perfect Yellow Pot' by Nice. Also just great. I have one similar in orange.

'Mini I Love You Banner' by Nice. Sweet declarations of love- How can you go wrong!

And it reminds me a bit of 'Learning to Love You More' project "make an encouraging banner", one of their many super endearing projects.


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