Select favorites from "Chain"


          A selection of some of my favorite works from the Chain exhibition. 

         Visit Crafthaus to see Chain in full.   The exhibition is also slated to show at the A CASA, Museum of Brazilian Object in Sao Paulo, Brazil from February 20th to March 22nd in 2013.

         Jewellers included here are (in order): Floor Mommersteeg, Ela Bauer,  Liana Pattihas, Malene Kastalje, Sarah Holden, Colleen Baran, Sharon Massey, Minna Karhu, Sarah Truett, Demitra Thomloudis, Marcelo Zocchio,  Karen Vanmol and Junwon Jung.
        A full list of the sixty artists in the show here .


My Blue Paper Chain, layered watercolor paper and paint, 2012






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