My Chain in "Chain" exhibition on Crafthaus

Blue Paper Chain, Layered watercolor paper, watercolor paint, 2012
0.4 x 2.5 x 17. 5 cm
My 'Blue Paper Chain' is in the online exhibition Chain Project curated by Marina Sheetikoff.  The show present sixty international artists including Liana Pattihis, Alexander Dauvit, Colleen Baran, Ela Bauer, Sarah Holden, Sharon Massey, Peter Hoogeboom and more. The exhibition is currently featured on Crafthaus and runs from Nov 2nd 2012 to Dec 2nd 2012- but it can also be seen  'forever' once it's archived on Crafthaus.

Next year Chain will also be exhibited physically in São Paulo, Brazil, at A CASA, Museum of Brazilian Object,  from 20 February to 22 March in 2013.  

My piece for the show is part of a new series.  It's made of thick water color paper and lovely deeply pigmented Winsor and Newton Artist's Watercolor paint.  It explores a few of my favorite themes- gradient color and size, pattern and alternative materials.


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