EtsyMetal's Blog Carnival Question

Sterling Silver and thread. Exhibited in the 'Northern Lights' at the Design Exchange.

EtsyMetal's Blog Carnival Question
Several Of the EtsyMetal folks choose to participate in a once-a-month blog carnival. We converge on the first Monday of each month, writing about the same topic, from our own experience and ideas. This is my first one.

In October the question is:
"What would you love, more than anything to make, right now, if you could?"

I would love, love, love to spend more time on 40 to 60 to 100 hour projects. Very, very time consuming, detailed projects worked on until they are flawless. Projects with 20+ hours of research/experiments first. A 100 hour project sounds like heaven to me. Think of the fine, impeccable detail! Sigh... And 100 hours working with gold sounds even better.

Of course, like everyone else I have to pay bills (etc) so the truly laborious personal projects are a rare treat.

Below and above are pictures of a few of my favourite pieces that I did indeed spend ridiculous amounts of time making. Click on all pictures to view larger.

Cloud Bracelet, sterling silver and white moonstones.

Cloud Ring- sterling silver and white moonstone. Ring shown in "The Ring" shows at the Georgia Museum of Art (blogged part 1 and part 2)

Love and Lust. Made way back when in 2003. (So long ago!)
Resin, recycled plastic paper, acrylic medium, pen, ink. The words 'love' and 'lust' translated into 26 global languages. I think this one is best if you speak a few languages. Some of the phrases are a tad cheeky.

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& To jump on Beth's bandwagon here- I'd love to make work for movies as well!


Anonymous said…
Awesome coleen! Love the Alberta hills :)
Kerrie said…
Hi! I came across you through HCJ Project. I really like your blog. Thanks for sharing.
Nadia said…
Do you ever sell your cloud rings?

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