Sweet blue roof tops in the Netherlands

Didden Village in Rotterdam, Netherlands- by architects MVRDV.

How amazing is this house? I know, it's ridiculous what percentage of posts are architecture related (or about to be, my drafts folder is full to the brim with them) but there are just so many wonderful buildings out there. And I'm addicted to www.archdaily.com.

This house is yet another house that makes me dream a little. Designed so that the roof is part of the sky and filled with angles, curves and great modern spaces it goes on my ever growing list of houses I'd love to live in. And it's even in the Netherlands, a place I've been dreaming of visiting recently.


Nadia said…
That is an amazing house! My bff and I are planning a Netherland trip -- in, y'know, the next million years -- and we will definitely have to go and oogle that one from the ground.
ColleenBaran said…
Ohh, marvelous! So, so, so many great things to see there.

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