Oven baked Tarantulas, coffee reguritated by Weasels, Thai Curry Crickets, vodka with Scorpians...

I came across this awhile ago and am still rather impressed with the assortment of odd bugs, spiders and coffee that's been regurgitated. Delicacies available all in one place at edible.com out of the UK.

One of my favourites is sadly without a picture. I'd love to know what an Oven baked Tarantula looks like.

coffee regurgitated by Weasels, tea picked by monkeys, Thai Curry Crickets, vodka with Scorpians, and of course, the coffee that has been "partially fermented by passing through the system of the Civet"- Civet Coffee.

There are also the chocolate covered giant ants and the
Magic mint lollipop (they say you may find your animal spirit if you eat it). These are ones I'd like to try. But irregardless of an urge to snack on chocolate covered bugs- it's a fascinating site.


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