The 'Yellow Treehouse Cafe' in New Zealand

I was rather amazed when I saw the Yellow Treehouse cafe by Pacific Environments Architects. One of those wonderful designs that are immediately exciting. It opened recently North of Auckland and is built 10m up a redwood tree.

I always wanted a tree house as a child (well, really, who didn't) and this answers both my love of tree houses and 'environments' for eating/ drinking things in. And indeed, reading the designers vision this idea of childhood dreams and fantasy was part of their (quite successful) plan.

It's conceived of as many things, a cocoon, an onion/garlic clove, a sea shell or a glowing lantern at night time. the Yellow Treehouse concept is also inspired by the ‘enchanted’ site which is raised above an open meadow and a stream on the edge of the woods. Via busyboo


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