Have you ever wanted to live in a cave?

Have you ever wanted to live in a cave? I have, I spent ridicuolous numbers of hours as a kid whiling away waits at bus stops by designing an ideal home inside a mountain. (Amoung others.)

Curt & Deborah Sleeper did more then dream! They bought a cave, built a house inside, lived in it, almost lost it and now may get to keep it. They set up an auction on eBay that became a huge news story that has possibly solved their problem and led to financing. So by Mar 11 (tomorrow) at 21:19:49 EDT they may have sold it or they or may have managed to keep it. The story of so, so many people now (but with press and inside a cave). See the listing on EBay!

Their what, when and why below
What: An five year adventure of a lifetime. Our home in a cave.

When: Our story begins in December of 2003, St. Louis Missouri. Curt found a cave while searching for commercial property in our area on Ebay. That’s right, we found our cave on Ebay! A couple of weeks later we visited, and fell in love with the place. It took us nearly five months to complete the purchase, and just over four years to build our offices and home here. We managed to sell our home in Sunset Hills and use that money as 50% down payment and the balance created a five year Balloon note. That note expires on May 1st, 2009.

Why: We never considered an economic bomb to hit the country at the same time as our balloon note.


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