The Selby

Visit the Selby for portraits in their homes of artists, musicians, designers, actresses, editors, writers, etc. A varied range that includes mid century modern, Victorian, urbanised woodsy, vintage, hand crafted, thrift store clutter and clean and simple.

krysten ritter at home - silver lake los angeles - august 11 2008
Curved couches are a weakness of mine, I could move in here tomorrow.

william eadon
clothing and jewelry designer, photographer

at home
- brooklyn
- june 20 2008

Great chandelier with crystal spears. Love the 'raw quartz' look.

Adam Wallacavage- artist at home - Philadelphia - July 25 2008
I am a huge fan of chandeliers. Even when browsing through the homes of international artists it's the chandeliers that I notice first. In this case it's made by the artist whose home it is. Adam Wallacavage makes the most amazing chandelier of glass blown octopus legs, owls and medusa heads with snakes. I've admired them for awhile.

His home is also full of stuffed animals (not the kind you hug), antique furniture (ala 'drawing room'), more chandeliers, sea faring ephemera and vintage oddities.

Why yes, that is a woman dressed as a 50's waitress jumping on a man dressed as a hamburger.
jennifer earle and mike gabel - entertainers
at home - hackney london - october 11 2008


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