Revisiting Multiple Finger Rings

A ring I made that was exhibited at the DX in Toronto (the Canadian Design Museum). 'Mayne Island Beach Ring', of ocean tumbled pebble and layers of rings like waves lapping on the beach. A reminder of sweet summers spent on the rocky tide pool filled beaches of Mayne Island as a child. Surprisingly comfortable on as it's curved to fit the hand.

Old photo of a favourite ring. I made one it a few years ago and I'm redeveloping it! I love multiple finger, three finger and two finger rings and this a great reminder of why.

This ring is a simpler version but has the mystery of the Floating Saucer Series with the a floating stone.


Lovely Coleen! I love your rings!
Hey, you know what? you're it! I tagged you! Visit my blog for more details if you are interested in playing. ;)
Coleen, my work was also featured at the DX exhibit in '05- and published next to yours in Jewellery Business Magazine. It's fantastic to see that you are expanding upon such a wonderful design!

ColleenBaran said…
Why thank you. Your ring was one of my favourite pieces from the exhibition.

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