Vote for me in Fred Flare's Next Big Thing!

I'm in Fred Flare's Next Big Thing!

I'm one of 27 people picked for this year's 'The Next Big Thing'! Read the interview here!

And starting tomorrow (officially- but you can vote now!). There's voting for favs from July 2nd-16th! Vote for me! Tell your friends or pass it on:)

Anf yes, there are some amazing & clever designs but hopefully mine will be the one you pick:)

More pictures of my Framework Ring #23 below! It looks a little different from different angles and is all about carefully arranged proportion's! It's all about negative space, a bit like a string tied around your finger, and a bit like an engagement ring! And it's pretty:) (If I do say so myself.)


Win said…
Hi Colleen, i've long been a big fan of your jewelry. So glad I've got some "vintage" pieces of yours, but do you not make the double-rings anymore? Thanks and good luck on the vote (I did my share). : )
ColleenBaran said…
Thanks Win!

And yes, I do make double rings! And lots of other things!

Not everything gets documented and put online but I makes tons of variations for locals, shops and galleries.
Ashley said…
I have been pouring over all the beautiful things you etsymetalists make. I just love your style and your pieces are very unique.

Good luck with the Next Big Thing contest! I voted for you!

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