This is where I had planned to be today

Photo by Carol Browne as seen on

Today was going to be an errand day, returning cds & books to the library, mailing things, picking up polishing wheels, supplies, paying for a table at a fair, etc.

A couple minutes before I was about to head out the door I heard about an explosion in downtown Vancouver's core right were I was going to be. Thankfully no one is reported hurt. A bit of smoke, but also a power outage effecting 4,500 businesses. Awful!

So... errands tommorrow? Though I have to admit a small part of me wishes I were posting my own photos of billowing smoke and police. Just my sense of drama.

Article on -> "Vancouver in gridlock after city-wide power failure, Thousands in financial district left without power"


Matte said…
I'm in the Sun tower right now, and luckily we're just outside of the area of the outage.
I actually didn't even hear about the explosion until today, just wondered why our internet connection was down for a couple of hours yesterday.
I was actually surprised to see that a lot the area down here is still out today as well though.

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